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Top tier products and reliable service, in New England and beyond.


* Oline Ordering
* Table side Ordering
* e-Coupon
* Restaurant Business Management
* Customer Management
* Employee Management
* Reservation Management
* Operations Management


* Oline Ordering solution
* Pick Up or Delivery
* Works with POS
* Works without POS
* Accept payments in advance online
* for food order
* Social media marketing
* Convenient merchant account set up


* Oline Appointment
* Create recurring Appointments
* e-Coupon
* Salon Business Management
* Customer Management
* Employee Management
* Appointment Management
* Walk-in clients to available stylists


* Oline Appointment service
* Create recurring Appointments
* Salon, Spa and Personal care
* Business owner can increase revenue
* Expand their customer base
* Custom branded webpage
* Accept online appointments
* Appointment notifications
* Synchronized appointment book

Royal Touch System.jpg

* Easy-to-Lean user interface mskes you an instant expert
* You can process many invoices in a short period of time
* We keep up with the changes of technology
* We do on-site warranty service while visiting our customers.
* You can analyze and decide on a new marketing plan with various report

Credit Card Processing


• Latest in payment processing technology
• Diverse value-added products and services
• Expert customer service available around the clock

Looking for Lower Fee for your credit card merchant?  

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